The FAYZ is for humans. Not freaks.

—Zil to Caine Soren

Zil Sperry is a teenage boy introduced in Hunger. He is the creator and leader of the Human Crew.


Zil becomes an antagonist during Hunger. He is the founder and leader of the Human Crew, a hate group dedicated to segregating (and in some cases, killing) mutants, derogatorily referred to as Moofs, "Freaks" or "Chuds". He is driven by the desire to be better than his brother Zane and to gain power and popularity within the FAYZ. Originally, he only wanted normals and freaks to be treated equally, which wasn't happening at the time. However, Lance, Hank, Antoine and Turk egged him on until he wanted all freaks dead.



Zil first appeared in Hunger, as a boy who wanted to steal Duck Zhang's pool. After Duck accidentally used his mutant abilities, Zil's hatred begins to show, as he believes that the accident was an attempt on his life. After Hunter accidentally kills Harry, Zil forms an anti-mutant hate group, which later became one of the biggest threats in the FAYZ. After capturing Hunter, Zil (with a lot of pressure from Hank) sentenced Hunter to death. Zil uses the lure of food to turn people against the mutants, getting the humans of the FAYZ to hang Hunter, in return for food. Zil fails and Hunter lives, but only because of Orc and Astrid.


Zil serves as one of the main antagonists in the novel. Zil and the Human Crew are convinced by Caine to set fire to a large portion of the town, causing the deaths of many residents, as well as destroying lots of houses and valuable resources. Later in the novel, Zil engages in a fight with Dekka, who uses her gravity powers to cause a mid-air battle. Zil falls out of Dekka's anti-gravity field, and falls to the ground below, dying from his injuries. No one mourned his death, as even the Human Crew were not his friends; they just wanted justice for normals.



After Lisa becomes impressed with Zil because he stood up to Sam, she joins the Human Crew. Zil decides that she's cute and they become a couple, but Zil grows increasingly bored with her and begins to view her as unattractive because he compares her to other girls.



  • "He's a freak. Duck Zhang is a mutant freak who tried to kill us!"


Zil's hatred of moofs actually stems from his jealousy of Hunter's powers.