Zekes are worm-like, territorial, mutated beings that live in the fields of the agricultural areas and are introduced in Hunger. They kill E.Z. after he wanders into their territory while attempting to pick some cabbages, and are also responsible for Cigar's death in Fear. The zekes are roughly a meter in length and have thousands of small legs. Their teeth are razor-sharp and when they consume their victims they leave behind nothing but a pile of bones.

Astrid notices that when Sam burns the fields to get rid of the zekes, they all turn towards him with grins on their faces. As the zekes have no eyes, Astrid hypothesizes that they are controlled by a single zeke, which, in turn, could be controlled by the Gaiaphage; however, in Light, Gaia does not know what the zekes are. Astrid also noted that the zekes had advanced enough brains to be territorial, which is rare for insects. Blue bats were often used as distractions for the zekes, giving pickers enough time to run into the fields and pick a few cabbages.

Orc is immune to the zekes, due to his mutation, though the zekes could kill him if they were to bite into the human part of his face.

It is unknown if the zekes survived the FAYZ.


  • The name "zeke" is short for "E.Z. killer".
  • They find Taylor's golden skin inedible.