The 5th book is coming out in 4 months and 2 days!!!! And we have 10 clues that tell us what is going to happen!!!

I know you know about these clues, but what do you think they mean?

Here they are Just in case you don't know about them (and what I think in brackets)

1) Remember that it was originally titled DARKNESS. (The Gaiaphage might be involved)

2) At one point Sam will rub Diana's tummy. (Well, the Uncle wants to know his nephew/niece)

3) Astrid-haters will love her by the end. (Why?)

4) There's a surprising "coming out." (The baby? Miscarriage?)

5)... A heart will be broken. (That does not sound good.)

6) You will learn why Sam and not Caine. (Good.)

7) There is a huge betrayal. (Hopefully for Caine)

8) Someone will lose their virginity. (Who?)

9) Someone we know well will die. (Please, not Lana)

10) A scene so dark and anguished my editors wanted me to tone it down. (Of course I didn't. How long have you known me?) (Yay!!!)

So, what do you think?

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