... Or, if I didn't, I at least blew my own.


This may be a random coincidence, or it may not. Look at this:

  • It's mentioned (I forgot where/by who) that the Gaiaphage was created as a mixture of bacteria on the meteorite and the human DNA of the man killed in the nuclear power plant. Or something like that. It had to do with human DNA.
  • The man killed by the meteorite was Taegan Smith, the father of Sam and Caine, making it his DNA in the Gaiaphage.
  • Therefore, Sam and Caine are, in a sense, the Gaiaphage's sons.
  • Coincidently, they also happen to be the two most powerful mutants in the FAYZ before Fear (excluding Pete, as he's some kind of super-mutant).
  • The Gaiaphage takes over the body of Caine's daughter Gaia. The Gaiaphage's granddaughter.
  • Gaia happens to be the third four-bar, with powers to an unknown extent.

Short version: The three most powerful mutants in the FAYZ just happen to be the Gaiaphage's sort-of sons/granddaughter.

As I said, this may be a total coincidence, but I don't think Michael Grant does ANYTHING coincidently.

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