We've all been painfully waiting for the release of Light later this year, so I decided to re-read the series. I noticed an interesting parallel in Fear that I think is worth discussion. 

In Fear, when Astrid meets Cigar enroute to Perdido Beach and discovers that he can see and hear Little Pete. Cigar asks Astrid why does he (Little Pete ) "say your hair screams? You're an angel with wings and shiny, shiny, and a long sword with flames..." Astrid's avatar bears remarkable similarity to the angel Uriel who is often depicted branding a fiery sword guarding the gates of Eden. Early in the novels Astrid was a deeply religious character who struggled with moral dillemas. Astrid's faith is shaken to the core when she decides to sacrifice Little Pete to the Bugs. From that moment on she is guilt-ridden by her decision. It is not surprising to find that Uriel, the angel closely resembling Astrid's avatar, is depicted as the Angel of Repentance. 

Religion and faith have always been important themes in the Gone series. Another that comes to mind is Sam/Caine and Abel/Cain from Genesis. Did Astrid's avatar description resonate with anyone else? Can you notice any other parallels? 

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