just finished the book light! i guess it was ok could have done with some

adjustments though such as more about what happened on the outside when the
 parents found out about the bomb . i bet they were pretty pissed and some 
descritption on fights that could have happened would have been nice. in my
 opion Caine should have stayed alive and  not of sacrificed himself for 
little pete. when little pete died he should have stayed dead and not of 
come back. i never really was on the good side but it would have been good
 if it was Caine and Sam who fought gaia. Edilio didnt deserve to be put 
through the grief of loosing Roger he probably would have fought better 
too knowing that Roger was safe back at the lake but i guess the fact that
 Gaia 'killed' Roger was matavating for him.Over all a very good series and
 was very well writte.

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