I first started reading the gone series by just sitting in my school library not really reading just bored tbh then I noticed fear and it literally caught my eye and I picked it up and started reading it little did I know,it was the 5th book in the most amazing series I will ever read I obviously didn't start reading fear I went and found gone and thank god I did. I really started getting into the books and now I'm on light i literally cannot read it with out letting loose a tear😪.just the fact that its the last book 'the end-game' 😭😭 makes me wana just curl up in a ball and cry. When I first started reading the gone series my favourite character was sam along with probably every other girl (and some lads) who have ever read the series but I think it was about half way through plauge and on wards I started to really like caine but did not expect my self to go and fall head over heels in love with him. When I found out he died and especially how I just spent a day crying I still get emotional just thinking about it. This is my first time on here and I'm not really sure how to use it lol so if anyone does read this it would be great for you to comment letting me no how you feel about the characters,whos youre fav& just the series in general I have never spoke to someone who feels the same way about the gone series as I do so I created this account hoping to be able to interact with some other FAYZsians out there anyway please comment and get back to me 💋

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