• Ellie x

    The feels😍😩

    April 28, 2014 by Ellie x

    I first started reading the gone series by just sitting in my school library not really reading just bored tbh then I noticed fear and it literally caught my eye and I picked it up and started reading it little did I know,it was the 5th book in the most amazing series I will ever read I obviously didn't start reading fear I went and found gone and thank god I did. I really started getting into the books and now I'm on light i literally cannot read it with out letting loose a tear😪.just the fact that its the last book 'the end-game' 😭😭 makes me wana just curl up in a ball and cry. When I first started reading the gone series my favourite character was sam along with probably every other girl (and some lads) who have ever read the series but…

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