• Aeries Vholt


    January 27, 2015 by Aeries Vholt

    So I've been seeing a lot of mistakes around the wiki and I've been trying to fix some of them when I get the chance and everything and I'd just like to bring a few things to people's attention....

    The categories have some major issues. Some pages will have categories like "Deceased" "Dead People" and "People Alive in the FAYZ" all together and if the person is dead I instantly take away the "Alive in the FAYZ" one, but I get a little hesitant with the whole "Dead People" category so I just leave it. I'm not sure if I can delete that or not. Then there are a ton of other categories that seem really unnessecary, but again I'm a little hesitant. Could someone help me out a little with this?

    Then there's also this category that's driving me nut…

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  • Aeries Vholt


    May 15, 2014 by Aeries Vholt

    I'm new to the wiki and I just wanted to introduce myself. I love love love Gone!!! My favorite character is Drake because I tend to root for the villains. I'm also just obsessed with his past. I like this wiki but there's a small problem. Anonymous people keep messing with the pages. I try to fix them when they get wrecked but I can only do so much. Anyway, can't wait to explore the wiki! Bye!

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  • Aeries Vholt
    1. Who was the saddest death?
    2. Favorite book in the series?
    3. Sam or Caine?
    4. Diana or Astrid?
    5. Favorite character?
    6. Lake or Perdido Beach?
    7. Power?
    8. Would you survive the FAYZ?

    My answers:

    1. Caine 100% 

    2. Hunger

    3. Caine most definitly

    4. Niether they are both annoying and retarded

    5. Drake, I know he's a crazy sadistic mass murderer but I like him. I tend to root for the villain a lot.

    6. Perdido Beach, the original's the best

    7. Telekinisis (probably spelled that wrong)

    8. Ummmmmmmm............ No, maybe if it was in MY town but if I was to be sucked into the book 100% NO

    Please share your answers!!!!

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