1. Who was the saddest death?
  2. Favorite book in the series?
  3. Sam or Caine?
  4. Diana or Astrid?
  5. Favorite character?
  6. Lake or Perdido Beach?
  7. Power?
  8. Would you survive the FAYZ?

My answers:

1. Caine 100% 

2. Hunger

3. Caine most definitly

4. Niether they are both annoying and retarded

5. Drake, I know he's a crazy sadistic mass murderer but I like him. I tend to root for the villain a lot.

6. Perdido Beach, the original's the best

7. Telekinisis (probably spelled that wrong)

8. Ummmmmmmm............ No, maybe if it was in MY town but if I was to be sucked into the book 100% NO

Please share your answers!!!!

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