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Full Name

Turk (surname unknown)




Unknown, probably around 13-14




Human Crew (from Hunger to Plague)

Caine Soren (at the end of Plague and in Fear)

Known Relationships:

Penny (possible girlfriend)



Turk is one of the original members of the Human Crew, the group led by Zil Sperry. He respected Zil, calling him The Leader: capital T, capital L. He is very faithful to Zil. He is described by Zil as being a toady looking boy, with a limp leg. After the Human Crew burnt down most of Perdido Beach, he was the one who tried to keep everyone going, and continued with spreading the idea of anti-freak messages, and turning Perdido Beach into Sperry's Beach, after getting rid of all the freaks.

In Plague, Turk and Lance attacked Albert, and find his secret food and water supply he has been hiding from everyone else. In the end of Plague, as the last member of the original Human Crew, Turk was forced to stay in Perdido Beach with Caine, after he kills Lance. Turk then becomes Caine's personal guard, a job he accepts surprisingly loyally. Following the transparency of the FAYZ Wall, it is believed that he remains in Perdido Beach, although this is not confirmed.

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