The town council is the newly formed type of government in the FAYZ. Because Sam is the mayor, he doesn't get a spot on the town council, as he's already in power. This has been disbanded, and it does not make any decisions anymore.


Astrid Ellison (now resigned) - The brains of the town council, giving the 'smarter' decisions.

John Terrafino - Speaker for the littles and Mary.

Albert Hillsborough (Now fled)- The business manager of the FAYZ, he handles anything money wise, and food wise.

Edilio Escobar - In charge of the force of Perdido Beach, and anything military related.

Howard Bassem (now dead) - The speaker for Orc. He makes deals with the town council for Orc to take on work that normal kids cannot do.

Dekka Talent - She is the next-in-line leader, if something were to ever happen to Sam. She also speaks for people with powers.

Ellen - Helps run the firehouse with Edilio.

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