I’m Toto the truth teller, subject 1-01. Not Toto the liar.

Toto or Subject 1-01 is a 12-year-old boy with the ability to tell apart a truth from a lie. 


Toto was originally from Perdido Beach but was relocated to the Airforce Base after he was found out to have a power. Sam recognized Toto from before the FAYZ so Toto probably went to Sam's school but this is unknown. At the base, a foam Spiderman bust was Toto's only companion and he spoke to it often. Even after it was destroyed by Sam, Toto still talked to its ghost. Toto rarely speaks to others and talks as if he is answering to the head. No one had heard anything about what happened to him until he is found by Sam, Dekka, and Computer Jack.

Physical Description

Toto is tall, skinny and lanky, with spiky black hair that goes down to his waist. He's roughly twelve years old and is described as being extremely pale with eyes that are often glazed over.


Toto is a human lie detector, with the ability to tell truth from lies. Although his ability is impressive, it is not infallible, as the extent of the truth is based on what the speaker "believes" to be true.



Toto is found by Sam, Jack, and Dekka in a military base. He is dressed in his Spiderman suit and was sitting in the corner on a stack of Nutella. He ran into his giant Spiderman doll compartment and told Sam, Jack, and Dekka about what he knew about the FAYZ. He was a part of a government study where they would perform studies on him and subject 1-02. He was the only one to survive, and the government quit the study shortly before the FAYZ began.


Toto travels to the lake with Sam at the end of Plague and is used in fear as the truth teller. Even though everyone finds him slightly annoying. 


In Light Toto travels with Sam and Edilio trying to convince Caine to go with Sam to kill Gaia and subsequently rescue Diana. No more is said about Toto and his fate is unknown.



Toto seems to think the Spiderman head is real and talks to him. After Sam destroys the head, Toto nearly cries although he still talks to Spidey. He seems to view it as a part of him as he refers to himself in the plural.


Toto's relationship with Darla is vastly unknown, but he was hugely upset and angered when she died.


"What? No, I'm not a Decepticon. Who's Spidey?" – Sam to Toto upon meeting him

Toto seems intimidated by Sam, but Sam likes Toto - at least, if Toto would stop calling him out on things.

Dekka and Jack

Dekka and Jack also found Toto, but neither of them like him very much. Dekka in particular usually wants him to shut up, although after he tells her Brianna's alive she changes her mind.

Mohamed and Virtue

Mohamed and Virtue seem to have an understanding of Toto, and view him as a person rather than a lie detector.


"Oh, it's the weirdo with the Spiderman obsession." – Caine about Toto

Caine doesn't like or care about Toto, and doesn't really view him as a person.


Both Sam and Brianna recognized Toto from before the FAYZ, even though Sam went to Perdido Beach School and Brianna went to Coates.

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