Tony "Cookie" Gilder is a character appearing in the Gone series. He is one of Orc's bullies that, after being injured, devote his life to protecting the girl who saved him, Lana.



Cookie first appears when Sam Temple is looking for Little Pete with Astrid Ellison. He is sitting with Howard Bassem and Orc, drinking beer together.

When Caine first arrives at Perdido Beach, he arranges a meeting that is held in the church. After speaking for a few minutes, there is supposedly an earthquake (later it was discovered that this was caused by Caine's Power). The 'earthquake' topples a cross inside the church, which lands on Cookie. It splits his shoulder open and shatters all the bones within it. Dahra Baidoo and her boyfriend, Elwood, take care of him until Lana comes and heals him. After this, Cookie becomes faithful to her. His fate after this is unknown, as he is last seen at the end of Hunger.

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