The highway battle is a battle that takes place at the end of Fear.

The start of the battleEdit

Sam and Caine prepare to ambush Drake and two other unknown figures. Quinn serves as a distraction. Gaia tells Diana it's a trap and she repeats it to the others - Penny reacts quickly and dodges behind Diana so Sam's light only singes her hair, however Drake was smashed onto his back midway telling Diana to shut up.

Drake is also struck by Sam's light but he heals quickly. The flash of light revealed Caine, and while he froze, seeing Diana and his daughter, Penny strikes. Caine gets control of himself for a second and throws Penny into the Gaiaphage, which was beneficial for Penny. 

Sam tries to burn Penny, but she pretends to be Astrid, which stops Sam from killing her. Meanwhile, Drake has his whip hand tight around Caine's throat so if he tries to throw Drake off, his head will be torn off. Diana and Gaia march for Quinn, but Gaia stops Drake from killing Caine so she can keep his power. 

Diana, Drake, Gaia and Penny keep going towards the barrier to take it down. Caine and Sam agree to target Penny next time, and Quinn retreats.

The end of the battleEdit

Caine throws himself in the air, but Penny sees him. Sam tries to aim for her but Diana moves between them. Sam instead hits Drake in the face with his light, but Drake again starts to heal. Sam shoves Diana aside and starts burning Penny. 

Gaia starts stretching Sam apart, but Gaia is knocked over by Diana. None of the three hit the ground - Dekka has arrived. 

Penny strikes an injured Sam, but Caine smashes a block of concrete onto her head, killing her. Drake whips Sam and Caine tries to smash concrete on Drake, but Gaia starts squashing him against the barrier. Suddenly the barrier turns transparent. 

Sam starts burning Gaia and Drake runs into the barrier, thinking it's down. Dekka forces Drake to retreat and Gaia and Diana join them.