The Thanksgiving Battle was a battle in the FAYZ that resulted in 18 deaths.

Main InfoEdit

  • The Thanksgiving Battle was the biggest battle seen in the first Gone novel. It is also the first, major conflict within the FAYZ.
  • It resulted in 18 deaths.
  • Sam and Caine both beat the poof together on this date.
  • Caine almost destroyed the church, but 3/4's of the walls remained.
  • It is later learned that Duck hid in a closet during the events of the battle.
  • Little Pete receives a deep gash in his forehead from the battle.


  • Caine tricked Sam out by sending Panda and Frederico to the school, where Sam and Dekka nearly kill Panda and blew off the door he was guarding. Panda runs off, back to Caine, but they do not pursue him, thinking the battle will be in the building.
  • Once inside they were attacked by Frederico, but they quickly overpowered and tied him up, realizing it was a diversion. Drake has taken over the daycare with the pack of coyotes, holding them hostage. They run back to the plaza, and Sam makes himself visible, knowing that Caine will have demands. Bug deliver's to Sam Caine's wants, and returns to him, revealing that Sam agrees to have all of the normal kids in the town plaza, and the "freaks" in the church.
  • Sam, Dekka and Taylor regain possession over the daycare by Taylor bouncing in with uncooked meat. The coyotes are frenzied and Drake loses control. Dekka lifts the wall connecting the daycare and the hardware store, giving Sam the opportunity to singe all coyotes in the way. Drake leaves through the back quietly, seething.
  • Once Caine descends from his hiding place, he regathers the coyotes with Pack Leader's help and unleashes them on the kids. Chaos ensues. Caine attacks the church first, goading Sam because he knows Astrid is in there and he now has to chose between saving her or the kids in the plaza. Sam is distraught and attacks Caine.
  • They fight, ending up in the burnt apartment from Gone where Sam tried to save the firestarter from the first book. Brianna attempts to attack Caine, but he's too fast, hitting her with a blow that sends her flying. Caine causes the whole apartment to crash down, seemingly killing Sam.
  • Back in the plaza, Caine's victory is short lived when Sam blasts his way through the debris that had buried him. Caine uses Astrid, freed by Dekka from the church debris, as a shield against Sam. Diana calls the coyotes off and angers Caine, causing him to drop Astrid. Sam and Caine come to a stand-off and Sam quietly tells Caine to leave and never return. Caine makes no such promise, Diana leaving with him.