The Lake Tramonto massacre is an event in Light.

Before the battleEdit

Gaia, Diana and Alex are camping out for the night. However, Alex is distracted and Gaia is singing along to music from his iPod, so Diana sneaks away. She arrives at Lake Tramonto where she finds that Sam is gone, Jack refuses to fight after his near death in Fear, and Brianna is on patrol. This leaves Dekka and the newly arrived Orc to stop Gaia. However, they don't have time to prepare, as Gaia notices that Diana is missing and uses Brianna's speed to catch up.

During the battleEdit

Gaia uses Sam's light to destroy boats and kill everyone inside. Justin dies this way, and Roger barely escapes. The boat Dahra is in is destroyed, killing Dahra and almost drowning Orc. As Orc cannot swim, Dekka has to save him, leaving no one to fight Gaia as she experiments with her other powers to kill people. However, Brianna arrives, and fights Gaia until she is knocked out and wounded too badly to continue. However, Gaia is also badly wounded and is even missing a leg, so she escapes to the Stefano Rey National Park, leaving seventy-five kids dead, including Jezzie.

After the battleEdit

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