The Lake Tramanto Massacre took place in Light. Gaia, after hiding out in the desert with Diana and Drake for a few days, makes a move on the lake. She had sent Drake out to hunt for food, where he was incapacitated by Brianna, who cut him up into pieces and scattered them across the FAYZ, rendering him helpless. Diana had run away to warn the lake. Gaia's goal was to kill all the kids in the FAYZ, in order for Little Pete to not be able to take a host as she did to defeat her. She used her mimicking powers to kill many lake kids, such as by firing beams of deadly light at boats, causing explosions.

The attack ended when Gaia was stopped — and almost killed — by Brianna. Brianna attacked her using her Bowie knife and sawed-off shotgun, and her super-speed helped her to avoid Gaia's attacks. Gaia, who had been seriously wounded by a cut on her thigh from Brianna, limped off into the Stefano Rey National Park. A small group of kids survived the slaughter, including Astrid and Dekka, who organized the movement of the survivors to Perdido Beach.

Notable CasualtiesEdit

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