Sam Temple- "Don't call me brah, I'm not you're brother".

Sam Temple- (Kids enter the room and tell Sam, Quinn and Astrid they are going to raid the candy machine) "I guess it would be wrong to ask them to bring me back a Twix".

Edilio Escobar- "I'm not just  you're handsome Mexican side-kick you know".

Sam Temple- "I thought you were Honduran".

Edilio Escobar- "Oh yeah, sometimes I forget".

Diana Ladris- "Oh look, Drake's trying to think".

Computer Jack- "You know of course that a breeze is actually a slow, meandering sort of wind"

Brianna- "And you know that I can slap you 8 times across the face before you can blink right"?

Quinn Gaither- "Welcome to Perdido Beach, where our motto is: 'Radiation, what radiation'"?

Quinn Gaither- "I had a polynomial once, my doctor removed it".

Pack Leader- "Human, go to darkness"

Lana Arwen Lazar- "Coyote, go to hell!"

Turk- "Albert has been a little ill... forever".

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