The Bug Battle was one of the largest battles within the FAYZ. The main battle happened on the outskirts of Perdido Beach, although skirmishes took places at Lake Tramonto and Coates Academy.

The Battle at Perdido BeachEdit

The Battle at Perdido Beach was fought with Caine, Brianna, and several of Edilios Soldiers attempting to defend Perdido Beach from the Mutant Bugs. The Battle commenced when Caine went looking for the Bugs. Caine hoped to defeat the Bugs and win the Towns favor. However, when Caine met the Bugs at the Highway, he learned that they would be a tougher adversary than he previously believed. Caines first attack was throwing several cars, however, the Bugs remained unharmed. Caine then, assisted by Brianna, worked out that by flipping the bugs over and placing a heavy object on top of them, they were unable to get up.

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