The Thanksgiving Battle took place at the end of Gone, and was the first major battle in the FAYZ. The participating sides were Caine's side (including Caine, the coyotes, Drake and a number of Coates kids) fighting against Sam/Perdido Beach side (himself, Brianna, Taylor, Edilio and Edilio's army). It was considered won by Perdido Beach.

The Gaiaphage sent his coyotes to aid Caine, for reasons that were not yet apparent. he sent Drake Merwin as well, and Quinn had a chance to shoot Drake, but could not bring himself to do it. The coyotes and Drake went to the day care first, where Mary was made to read "Green Eggs and Ham " with the coyotes near the prees until Dekka suspended gravity under the coyotes and Sam shot a laser at them. Kids from the plaza were attacked by the coyotes when they arrived. Caine had buried Sam under a building, but Sam was found alive when he shot a laser like a beam up. The battle ended with Caine using his telekinesis to position Astrid in between Sam and himself. Caine shouted to Sam, "Kill me, put a hole in your girlfriend and you will kill me." Then he laughed. While this was happening, Orc and Drake were engaging in a battle which ultimately ends in a draw. Then Diana and Jack try to tell Sam how to beat the "poof ". Diana starts to tell Sam and Caine, but Caine (using his power) throws Diana away. This makes Caine drop Astrid and Sam is about to kill Caine when time slows down and the poof starts. Sam ends up beating the poof anyway, and the battle ends.

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