When Caine and his goons team up with the coyotes, they planned on charging Perdido Beach. When Bug found Sam and told him to surrender to Caine, Sam refuses and Caine and his crew loads up into a car and drives towards town. Meanwhile, Drake and some of the coyotes attack the day care and hold Mary and the littles hostage. Quinn is on the roof of the daycare and couldn't get a clear shot at Drake so that let Drake attack the daycare. The littles were terrified and Mary couldn't cheer them up until Taylor comes in with hamburgers and other meat form McDonald's. This sends the coyotes on an eating spree, eating and tearing into all of the food that Taylor brought. This was the perfect distraction for Sam to swoop in and attack Drake. Howls could be heard in the distance as the coyotes and Caine's crew drive into town. When Caine and his crews arrive, Caine lets the coyotes loose on the panicked kids in the plaza. Sam rushes out into the plaza to fight Caine. Meanwhile, Drake rushes out into the plaza as while, whipping kids and causing sheer terror. Sam meets up with Caine and a duel begins between them. After the duel, The poof happens between the two of them and they completely resist it. Once Caine realizes he's beat, he orders his men and the coyotes to retreat back to Coates. The fight is won for the Perdido Beach kids.

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