Pickers, also known as farmworkers, are the people in the FAYZ who grow and pick crops (mainly artichokes and cabbages, but occasionally melons) in the agricultural areas. The pickers are part of AlberCo and work for Albert.


The first picker was E.Z., when he picked a cabbage. Edilio Escobar later took a group of kids to pick crops, but this was called off due to the zekes in the fields. Orc, being almost immune to the zekes, was sent to pick cabbages, but the zekes dug into the flesh on his face.

Later, Quinn's fishing team started fishing up blue bats, which they used to feed the zekes. This solved the problem of the zekes and so the pickers formed between Hunger and Lies. They sell their crops at the market in a stand called Gifts of the Worm for Monopoly game tickets.

Several pickers went to Lake Tramonto in the Big Split, so Sam negotiated control of some fields.


Pickers spend six hours a day in the fields, and get paid ten 'Bertos a week. Most of them walk to and from the fields, but some gas is used for fields far away. Blue bats are used to keep the zekes away. They take a wagon with them, and wear a glove on one hand and hold a knife in the other. They cut off crops that are big enough (for example, "up-chokes", artichokes higher up, must be five inches across and "ankle-chokes" must be three inches across) to ensure that the entire crop is not picked at once, and put them into a backpack. When the backpack is full, usually after two rows, they empty it into the wagon. The picker on duty ticks the load off on their clipboard. They eat lunch in the fields and when the wagon is full, the pickers head back.

They also plant and grow crops, but not much is known about this.

Known pickersEdit

Character First appearance Basic info
Eduardo Fear Eduardo is a friend of Jamilla and Turbo.
Jamilla Fear Jamilla, also known as Jammy, is an eight-year-old who records the loads of artichokes as the pickers bring them in.
Mohamed Kadeer Fear Mohamed Kadeer was a picker before being offered a job as Lake Tramonto's AlberCo representative by Albert.
Terrel Jones Fear Terrel Jones, usually known as Jonesie, was a large seven-year-old who was accidentally turned into a fish by Little Pete.
Turbo Fear "Turbo" was a friend of Jamilla and Eduardo. He covered for one of the fishermen for a few days.