Taylor is a 13-year-old girl from Coates, and Albert's number one, with the ability to teleport, often called "bouncing". Taylor was originally from Coates, one of the kids trapped in cement, and will do anything to help Sam after he freed her in Gone. She was first mentioned when Sam, Astrid, Edilio, Quinn, Little Pete, and Lana discovered her in the middle of the desert, starved nearly to death after someone hauled her out there to die. Her powers are limited to inside the FAYZ, and not extremely far distances.

Taylor is Asian. She is described as "pretty" but not "beautiful."

She can only "bounce" to places by thinking of the location. Due to her teleportation ability she has also been used to carry messages around in the FAYZ. It is suggested she has a crush on Sam Temple after being imprisoned in Coates Academy due to her strange mutant power and being saved by Sam and his friends in the desert.



Sam finds her on the road when they are traveling to Coates, starved close to death. Taylor, being one of the Coates kids with powers, have had her hands encased in a block of cement. Sam removes the concrete, saving her life.


She attempts to save kids that are trapped in the fire by warning them, giving them time to escape before the fire spreads, she ultimately fails at this.


Sam kisses her when he is drunk and Taylor tells everyone. She also witnessed the death of Hunter when the bugs crawled out of him. Caine meets Taylor to find out about what is happening, and says she can join them if she helps. At the end of the book she is on Caine's side and stays with him in Perdido Beach, bribed by the promise of being able to bounce to the San Francisco de Sales Island whenever she wants.


Her fate in Fear is undetermined. Pete touched her and altered her DNA, turning her a metallic gold color. She tried to bounce from the island, only to end up like "Albert's Cat" and have her hand and calf stuck in an oak tree. She tried bouncing to Lana, ending up again half inside a vehicle parked nearby. The lower half of her body was cut off from the roof of the car. Pete also altered her genetic make-up, turning her skin gold and making her cold blooded. Sanjit and Virtue found her, and Lana noticed how her appearance was reptilian, lacking in the properties that makes something a mammal, such as giving birth, giving milk, or being warm-blooded. She is also said to have a dark green forked tongue. It is unknown whether she is truly conscious in this state.


Lana tried to fix her, and was able to add all her limbs with the help of both Sanjit and Sinder. Taylor could then 'bounce'. Little Pete found her and apologized, before changing her eyes, tongue and hair. Her skin still remained gold.

She helped to deliver a message to Quinn when Sam was in a bad state since Gaia had injured him. After that, she "bounced" away, and was never seen again. Although in the epilogue of Light, there was a small claim that a man had seen a girl with golden skin, and then she had disappeared in an instant.

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