Mmmm, yes, that’s what everyone says about me. That I’m just too darn nice.

—Shade helping Cruz

Shade Darby is the main protagonist of the Monster trilogy.


Shade is a seventeen-year-old white girl. She has "noticeable", shoulder-length auburn hair, and is 5'8. Her eyes are brown and she has a large scar on the right side of her face, behind her ear, that Cruz describes as looking like "something out of a Frankenstein movie". She is described as having a bone structure similar to models. She is a vicious, ruthless, cunning girl, but she is also kind and intelligent, causing Cruz and Malik to see her as "half girl and half shark". She is obsessed with the FAYZ.



Shade first appears having a flashback to her mother's death, as the FAYZ Barrier came down. She is then seen talking to Malik Tenerife about her obsession, and witnesses two football players beat up Cruz. She takes a sick day and befriends Cruz, and recruits her to help her steal ASO-3 - a meteorite set to hit Earth with the virus that created the Gaiaphage, and only Shade knows where it will land. She retrieves it and consumes an ounce, and discovers she can morph, but can't control it. She tries to get Cruz to provoke her, but manages to morph when they are attacked by thugs. However, Malik sees. He tells Shade how powerful she is and that she can be a monster, a villain, or a hero.

When her crime is discovered, Shade, Cruz and Malik go on the run. She tries to defeat Knightmare to prove she is a hero. Later, she turns up for the final battle but cannot defeat the minions of Vincent Vu. When Malik is fatally injured trying to save her, she drives him to the hospital, and discovers she has got him killed. However, she realizes there is a way to save him, and gives him some of ASO-3.


Shade will reappear in Villain, trying to stop Dillon Poe.

Power and abiltiesEdit

Shade morphs into a very tall creature that looks to be a cross between a girl, an insect and plastic, the color of rust. It has the ability of super speed - Brianna was said to seem to be standing still compared to it. Her morph is also very durable due to it having some sort of exoskeleton related to its insectoid features, which caused a crowbar to harmlessly bounce off its skin. She can also jump very far with its oddly shaped legs (the knees bend backwards), but cannot support herself on landing.

Presumably, this morph uses insect DNA that the rock found in the ground, as insects are (relative to size) known to be much faster than humans, and the morph has an insectoid appearance as well as the ability to leap great distances.


  • "Shade Darby" was the working title for Monster.
  • Shade is named Shade because she was conceived "somewhere with lots of trees".
  • She is currently #3 on the FBI's Ten Most Wanted.