Shade Darby is the main protagonist of the Monster trilogy.


Shade Darby is the daughter of Dr. Heather Darby, a scientist sent to Perdido Beach to do research on the dome. She has "noticeable" auburn hair, and is 5'8. Her eyes are brown and she has a scar on the right side of her face, behind her ear.


Shade morphs into a very tall creature that looks to be a cross between a girl, an insect and plastic. It has the ability of super speed - Brianna was said to seem to be standing still compared to her. Her morph is also very durable due to it having some sort of exoskeleton related to its insectoid features, which caused a crowbar to harmlessly bounce off her skin. She can also jump very far with its oddly shaped legs, but cannot support itself on landing.



Shade is first seen when the dome comes down. When the FAYZ kids escape, a little girl accidentally swings her machete and cuts Shade's neck. As she goes to the hospital Shade sees he mother's dead face. Four years later, she meets a transgender girl called Cruz. Soon they realize that a meteor is commuting down to Earth, and race to get it. Back at Shade's house, Shade eats part of the meteor and becomes a human, insect and plastic hybrid with super speed that makes Brianna's speed look like she's standing still. Cruz becomes jealous and eats part of the rock and becomes a Penny and Bug mix. Minutes later the police arrive and shade and Cruz get into a car and drive off. Malik, Shade's ex, follows them, stating "oh Shade what have you done.".