The Siege of Lake Tramonto is a battle that takes place in Fear.

This was the first battle of the last conflict in the FAYZ. The Gaiaphage, growing desperate as it slowly lost strength, gave up its dream of merging with Little Pete and decided to settle for another, lesser host: that of Diana's unborn baby at Lake Tramonto. The Gaiaphage sent Drake with a force of coyotes to kidnap Diana.

Originally, Drake's plan was to use stealth. However, that plan was shot to ruin when the coyotes killed Howard a little ways away from Lake Tramonto. The remains were found by a boy who rushed back to the settlement and warned the council. Sam, acting as the town defender, immediately orders the lake into a state of siege. The kids on land rush to the boats with all the food they can carry. The boats then cast off to float on Lake Tramonto, making the population virtually unable to be assaulted. Sam then sends Brianna out to locate Drake.

When Drake arrives and see's the lakes new fortifications he decides to hide until he sees an opportunity. This turns the siege into a dangerous stalemate. Drake does not have the power to defeat the towns militia or the ability to get at Diana directly. Sam's people can't find Drake to kill him, and doesn't dare end the siege as long as Drake is around.

After a long standoff, Drake is able to get aboard the ship carrying Diana. He does this by using his lack of needing to breathe to his advantage: instead of swimming, he simply sinks to the bottom of the lake and walks. Taking Justin as a hostage to force Diana's cooperation, he brings them ashore. Making no attempt to be stealthy now that he has a hostage, Drake is spotted by Sam, who launches an immediate counter-attack. At this point Sam and Edilio sends Orc, Dekka, and Computer Jack to rescue Diana and Justin. With Drake already faster than them and having a head start, Jack takes a risk. He leaps ahead of his backup to intercept Drake. The following fight is short and savage. Using his superhuman strength to withstand Drakes choking maneuver, Jack attacks, making a grab for the whiphand and knocking Drake off balance. Then Jack has a moment of hesitation which gives Drake time to balance and attack, cutting Jacks throat with a single blow. This ends the fight and has the effect of slow slowing Dekka and Orc from giving pursuit as they have to tend to Jack. 

Although Sam eventually does send all of his serious freaks out after Drake in the dark it is almost impossible to find the enemy let alone fight them. Drake returns to the mineshaft, Diana gives birth, and the Gaiaphge is reborn.

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