The school is where many of the kids in Perdido Beach went to school before the FAYZ.



The book starts in the school, when all the teachers poof. Most kids goof off for a while, but all have left by the end of the day.


By Lies, the Mall has been set up in the school playground in the shade, so littles can play on the equipment while their guardians shop. The Mall consists of several stands and a restaurant. The stands are tables from the dining room that have been dragged out and include the fishermen's stand Quinn's Seapreme Seafood, the picker's stand Gifts of the Worm, the bookstall known as the Cracked Spine, Meats of Mystery, the water stand where a gallon a day is given away for free per person, Totally Solar (where solar panels were used to charge batteries) and the Sux Xchange where clothes and toys are sold. A little way apart, two girls cook people's meat for a small price, and kids sit and eat at dining tables. In the rest of the playground, people do things for money, such as busking.

When the Human Crew start the fire of Perdido Beach, part of the school is burnt down.


When drunk, Orc falls asleep in the school.


Gaia Soren-Ladris destroys a part of the school, killing kids sheltering inside.