Full Name



The Artful Roger










Justin (brother figure to Justin)

Known Relationships

Edilio Escobar (boyfriend)



Roger is the teenage boy who Justin found living in his house. It is unknown if Roger is from Coates or Perdido Beach, but he is shown to be kind and gentle, even offering that he and Justin be roommates. He is also later discovered to be gay, and is Edilio 's boyfriend.


Roger is introduced in Lies when one of the "Littles", Justin, finds him living in Justin's old home. Roger introduces himself as "The Artful Roger" because of his love of drawing, a play off "The Artful Dodger" from Oliver Twist.

Roger is shown against during the fire, when Justin's house catches on fire. He falls down the stairs and is dragged out by Justin just in time. Lana saves his life in the hospital.


Roger is revealed to be sharing a houseboat with Justin, Diana, Orc, and another little. When Drake kidnaps Diana and Justin, he tries to save them, but is stopped when Drake threatens to kill Justin. It's later revealed that Roger is gay and dating Edilio Escobar, the mayor. It was apperant that he was gay when Edillo called him babe in front of Sam. 


Roger is present at the lake during Gaia’s attack. He tries to fetch some drawings of his from where he had been living, but it driven back by Gaia’s fire. He stands a few feet away from Justin, and watched as the younger boy dies in the flames. Eventually, he falls unconscious and slips into the waters of the lake. He was then assumed dead by everyone else, including Edilio, his boyfriend.

When Connie Temple visits the part of the lake outside of the FAYZ, she sees a boy sitting beside the lake, who is later implied to have been Roger.

After the FAYZ wall comes down, Edilio is watching the news on T.V. in his family’s trailer, and he sees reports of a boy being found in the forest, and recognizes him as Roger. It is implied that this triggers Edilio to ‘come out’, to his mother, and to find Roger.

Upon getting to safety, it took Roger a long time to recover, but during that time, Edilio waited for him. It is implied the two ended up together after this.


Edilio EscobarEdit

Roger and Edilio orginially had very little interaction, but in Fear, they are revealed to be romantically involved when Edilio calls him 'babe' in front of Sam. The relationship was not featured again until Light, when Roger was presumed dead by everyone and Edilio mourned him deeply. According to Edilio, they were in love. Happily, the two were implied to be reunited at the end of the book once Roger had recovered.


Roger lived with Justin, and saw him as a little brother. However, in Light, Justin was killed by Gaia. The two were close, and Roger mourned him when he died.

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