Diana Ladris invented a power level system, the higher the power the stronger.

Four BarsEdit

Caine Soren (Telekinesis)

Sam Temple (Super-heated light and balls of light)

Gaia Soren-Ladris* (All known powers)

* When measured shortly after birth.

Three BarsEdit

Brianna "The Breeze" (Super speed)

Dekka Talent (Ability to manipulate gravity)

Penny (Ability to manipulate someone's fears/an illusionist)

Andrew (Ability to create shockwaves)

Taylor (Teleport anywhere she has been)

Two Bars Edit

Computer Jack (Superstrength)

Astrid Ellison (Destiny Prediction(according to her page)(she no longer has that power as of Hunger))

Diana (Ability to measure other people's power)

Bug (Camouflage, ability to turn almost invisible)

Bette (ability to create floating lights)

One BarEdit

Virtue (Ability to sense another person's inner self)

Unknown LevelsEdit

Duck Zhang (Ability to control his density)

Hunter Lefkowitz (Ability to create microwaves[possibly 2 or 3 bars])

Jill 'The Siren' (when she sings nobody can move)

Fire Girl (Ability to shoot liquid fire, sticks to walls)

Sinder (Ability to grow plants at a faster rate)

Lana Arwen Lazar (Ability to heal herself and others)

Emily (ability to warp space around her)

Toto (Able to tell the truth from lies) (Likely a 1 bar)

Darla (Walk through walls)

Brittney Donegal/Drake Merwin (Indestructible(however can be destroyed by Sams super-heated light))

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