Patrick is Lana's dog and friend from the beginning to the end of the FAYZ.


Patrick is a medium-sized golden retriever named after Patrick Star, the dim character from SpongeBob. He is described as "not-so-smart" (although Lana thinks he is very clever) and is always at Lana's side, although he does not make much difference. Patrick supported Lana by staying with her when her grandfather's truck crashed at the coming of the FAYZ - when Lana was mortally wounded and thought she would die. He protected her from a mountain lion, vultures, snakes and coyotes and horribly injured himself in the process. This is how Lana first noticed her healing power when she helped him. From then on, Lana has kept him at her side. He was regarded as "very strange" and "happy and frolicky" by the coyotes, who weren't exactly Patrick's type.


Patrick is the only pet who hasn't been eaten by victims of starvation. Lana makes sure of that and he lives with her at the Cliffside resort. Sanjit takes care of him and Quinn provides fish odors for him to smell.


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