Panda was a boy in the FAYZ who was part of Orc's crew, but then joined Caine at Coates Academy. He was a driver, an insomniac, a bully, and committed suicide before being eaten by the Coates kids.


Panda is a high-ranking member of Orc's crew who enjoys the distress and confusion. He, along with Howard and Quinn, throw rocks at Little Pete, because he is an autistic mutant. He also staged a diversion at Barbara's Day Care during The Thanksgiving Battle with Frederico. This was to give Drake and his Coyotes the window they needed to invade the Day Care and use the children as ransom for Sam's swift surrender.   Panda is described as tall, skinny and creepy. He got his nickname through the dark rings under his eyes, that resemble a Panda's markings.


Before the FAYZ

Before the FAYZ, Panda was known to most as a mid level bully who often hung out with Orc and enjoyed life’s confusion and using his status to pick on kids. In reality Panda at heart was not truly evil, instead much like Howard, Panda realized that in order to avoid any entanglement with Orc, he had to join him. Over time, Panda became well known throughout Perdido Beach and became a trusted lackey to Orc and while the two often hung out together they never really considered each other as friends, although Panda did get along well with the others in Orcs crew, particularly Howard and the two became good friends.


He was part of Orcs crew and came to be allied with Caine and the rest of the Coates kids after the coming of the FAYZ. He was frequently seen with Drake during Gone and served as his driver throughout most of the book, although was later temporarily replaced by Louise who Drake noted was less cautious when driving then Panda.

While travelling to the Clifftop Hotel Sam, Quinn and Astrid pass by Orcs encampment before being stopped by Howard and Panda who were drinking beer. During this encounter, Panda brandished a metal bat and mocks Sam, commenting on him being the big hero of Perdido Beach before laughing and walking away with Howard who allows the group to pass.

Later Panda on Howard’s Orders is forced to do a shift at the daycare being recruited by Mary Terrafino who states his uselessness and inability to carry out simple orders. Ultimately Panda is ushered out of the daycare by Mary after he threatened to punch a Preschooler in the face.

Later when Caine and the rest of his followers arrive at the Plaza, Panda is present standing with Orc Howard and Cookie and when Caine enquires who runs Perdido Beach Panda along with Cookie and Howard signal out Orc. Panda does not accompany Howard Cookie and Orc into the church he instead stands outside but witnesses a thrashing Cookie being carried out of the church after the meeting.


Panda is starving, much like everyone else in Perdido Beach and at Coates Academy. He is part of the Battle for the nuclear power plant.


Panda attempts to drive a car with Bug and Penny inside. However, he crashes through the rails and falls down the cliff, and consequently dies. Bug and Caine retrieve his body, and because of the overwhelming hunger, cook and eat him. They feel bad about the cannibalism, but he satisfies their hunger for a while. Diana eats part of his chest and Caine eats his leg.


Caine Soren

Panda does whatever Caine wants and asks him to. Later, after he dies, Caine eats part of his left leg.

Diana Ladris

The two of them never really communicated, but she feels heavy grief after consuming him. In her dreams when she is pregnant, Gaia learns that she ate part of Panda.


Panda is part of Orc's crew, along with Howard and Cookie and a few others. He sucked up to Orc, but the two of them are never shown to talk to each other.


  • Panda is one of the few kids to have animal nicknames. Bug is another.
  • He the only named person to be eaten by a human.
  • He was on Caine's side but was from Perdido Beach, and is the only recurring character to be so.

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