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Panda was a small bully who was part of Orc's crew but then joined Caine at Coates Academy. He had no powers, and wasn't very respected.

Appearances Edit


Panda is a minor bully who enjoys the distress and confusion. He, along with Howard Bassem and Quinn Gaither, throw rocks at Little Pete, because he is an autistic mutant. He also staged a diversion at Barbara's Day Care during the Thanksgiving battle with Frederico. This was to give Drake and his Coyotes the window they needed to invade the Day Care and use the children as ransom for Sam's swift surrender. 


Panda is starving, much like everyone else in Perdido Beach and at Coates Academy.


Sometime before Jill is discovered to be a Mutant, Panda attempts to drive a car with Bug and Penny inside. However, he crashes through the rails and falls down the cliff, and consequently dies. Bug and Caine retrieve his body, and because of the overwhelming hunger, cook and eat him. They feel bad about the cannibalism, but he satisfies their hunger for a while. Diana eats part of his chest.

Appearance Edit

Panda is described as small, skinny and creepy. He got his neck name through the dark rings under his eyes, that resemble a Panda's markings.

Relationships Edit

Caine Soren Edit

Panda does whatever Caine wants and asks him to. Later, after he dies, Caine eats part of his left leg.

Diana Ladris Edit

The two of them never really communicated, but she feels heavy grief after consuming him. In her dreams when she is pregnant, Gaia learns that she ate part of Panda.

Orc Edit

Panda is part of Orc's crew, along with Howard and Cookie and a few others. He sucked up to Orc, but the two of them are never shown to talk to each other.

Trivia Edit

  • Panda is one of the few kids to have animal nicknames. Bug is another.
  • He the only named person to be eaten by a human.
  • He was on Caine's side but was from Predido Beach.

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