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Paint was a character in the Gone series, first mentioned in Lies. He was given no surname, and his only real description was that he enjoyed "huffing paint out of a sock, so his mouth was the same color as the last color of paint he had found," and "he had last found red paint, so he currently looked like Dracula, with red around his mouth, like blood."


Paint and Tyrell was one of the few Coates kids that made it to sea with Caine in Lies. He was not known to be present at the Thanksgiving Battle, or the Power Plant, and so this is his first mention. Paint was used as a test subject by Caine Soren when testing for ways to get onto San Francisco de Sales Island, and although Caine tried to lift him, Caine never tried throwing, as Diana reminded the group that whatever worked on Paint, would be used on all of them. Paint was then left with Tyrell on the boat when Diana, Penny, Caine and Bug made it onto the island. It is unknown what happened to him and Tyrell.

Triva Edit

  • 16 Kids left Coates to escape to San Francisco de Sales Island
  • 7 Kids went on the speedboat while 9 made it on the Zodiac Raft that was sunk by Hank.
  • The 7 kids on the speedboat were Paint, Tyrell, Diana, Penny, Bug, Caine, and Jasmine, but she killed herself on the way to the island.

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