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Physical Appearance

Pack Leader is described as a beaten-up, ragged, mangy old coyote. When the original Pack Leader died, he was replaced by a younger coyote who was next in line.



Pack Leader and his pack first appear in Gone at the cabin of Lana Arwen Lazar and attempt to cut her off and attack her, but are scared away by a winged snake. Their mutations allow them to speak and are about the size of Great Danes.

Later they find Lana at the mining town where Hermit Jim worked. Pack Leader comes forward and explains his authority over the group, and forces her to come into the mine much deeper than Lana originally anticipated. The only explanation he offers is that the Darkness says that Lana will teach the coyotes how to kill humans and take revenge.

After taking Lana for a torturous visit to the Darkness, they force her to run with them. Later she sees Hermit Jim's cabin and runs to it and finds Sam, Astrid, Edilio, Quinn and Little Pete inside. The coyotes throw themselves against the door of the cabin until Pack Leader appears with a burning branch lit by an unknown source, although it is hinted that it was given to him by the Darkness. as Pack Leader sets fire to the cabin, Sam uses his power to keep the coyotes bay. This startles the coyotes and the remainder of them scurries off into the night.

The coyotes later team up with the kids from Coates Academy and take over the daycare with the help of Drake Merwin. They control it for a while, with many young hostages, although later Sam, Dekka and Edilio retake the daycare.

The coyotes also later play a major part in the battle that takes place between the townies and Coates Academy.


Pack Leader's only other appearance is in Hunger, and he plays a much less important role.

He first appears when Lana Arwen Lazar returns to the mine to try to kill the Darkness, although she also hopes to take revenge on Pack Leader. At first she only encounters a few of the other coyotes in the group. The first time Pack Leader himself appears in the book is when Lana sees him standing on a ledge above the entrance of the mineshaft. While inside Lana tricks him long enough to shoot him and run from the mineshaft with Hermit Jim's truck keys. Pack Leader realizes that Lana is trying to hurt the Darkness and tries to stop her by jumping onto the hood of the truck as she backs it in to the mine. Lana then shoots Pack Leader at close range, this time fatally injuring him, as he doesn't make any further appearances in the series.

Pack Leader is later succeeded by the coyote who is next in line. He is first met by Dekka.

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