Connie Temple and the others, appear outside of the FAYZ, and find that to their disbelief that none of the children made it out. The government restlessly tries to get in, by drilling it, flying over, or going under. Many nicknames are created, and it becomes a tourist attraction. Also, twins escape the FAYZ on their 15th, and tell about what it's like inside.

Lies Edit

Connie gives a brief description of what is going on outside of the FAYZ, and she tells of how people are beginning to care less about the FAYZ, and that construction on hotels and restaurants for visitors. Some parents sleep outside of the dome and "dream" of their children. Near the end of Lies, Little Pete blacks out, and the FAYZ wall goes clear for a short time.

Fear Edit

In Fear, it's discovered what happens to Mary and Francis after they took they poof. The military tries to question Mary, but she dies unexpectedly along with Francis before the can get information. The many scientists who study the FAYZ also find a change in the energy signature of the wall, and are quite intrigued. Shortly after, the dome goes clear and people outside see what really happens in the FAYZ.

Light Edit

Many people in the nation want to kill all of the kids in the FAYZ because they are " violent killers". They suggest surrounding the dome in case the "containment" fails. The kids inside write messages to their families in the dirt, and are interviewed on news stations. The whole world was seeing Gaia torment everyone inside.

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