Perdido Beach Nuclear Power Plant is a building located in the middle of the FAYZ. It is the site of the battle for the nuclear power plant.


At the center of the FAYZ is the nuclear power plant. This is also where the FAYZ starts, which is the reason for it being in the center. When Little Pete was here with his father, the plant began to melt down because of the Gaiaphage, and the way Pete stopped the melt down from occurring from by creating the FAYZ. Also 15 years before this, the power plant was struck by a meteorite, and in the process killed a man named Taegan Smith, who happens to be Sam and Caine's father.

The power plant is used to supply all of the power to Perdido Beach and Coates Academy, and it continued to do so for the beginning of the FAYZ, until Caine shut it down. Sam also was almost whipped to death within the power plant, and the plant is also the scene of Brittney's death and a part of a major battle in Hunger.