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This article is about the Gaiaphage given corporeal form by Little Pete.

Nerezza is one of the new characters to be revealed in Lies, often by the side of The Prophetess, Orsay. No one really recognizes her but they aren't too concerned. Later on, it is shown that Nerezza was actually a body of The Gaiaphage, showing Orsay false dreams in order for everyone to believe that death is the way out. It is also revealed that Pete was the one who gave her form. When Sam attacks her with his Power, she doesn't burn. She simply glares at him in hatred then disappears. Her whereabouts are unknown. She is One of four avatars Astrid sees when she is sucked into Little Pete's game. Her avatar is a female with long dark hair that formed snakes, dark eyes and a mouth that dribbled fire. [[File:|thumb||320x320px]]Nerezza is described as extremely beautiful. She has extremely bright, green eyes, like a cat's. She is also said to have a darker skin tone, with dark hair. Nerezza flirted with Zil Sperry, to get him to attack the people of Perdido Beach. 'Nerezza' means 'darkness' in Italian. Nerezza states this to Zil and Lance, who said it was a weird name.


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