Mohamed Kadeer, or simply Mo, is Albert's representative at Lake Tramonto.


Mohamed is a thin, good-looking Syrian thirteen-year-old entering his growth spurt. He has whiskers on his upper lip. Mohamed carries a breadknife and a pistol and knows how to use both, but he also knows when to cut and run. Mohamed is also fit, and is a fast runner. He has no family inside the FAYZ, is intelligent, has no friends, and likes to stay below the radar. He pauses before answering any question.


Mohamed is only mentioned in Fear, but it is explained what he was doing throughout the previous books.

Before the events of Gone, Mohamed had recently joined Perdido Beach School, where Orc's crew picked on him for being the only Muslim. However, they soon lost interest.

Mohamed was working as a picker throughout the events of Lies. He also disapproved strongly of the Human Crew, which got him into two fights. In one of them he was injured badly, with a shattered wrist and a nail "driven into his buttcheek", amongst other injuries. In the Big Split during Plague, Mohamed went to Albert Hillsborough to ask for advice. Albert decided that Mohamed was perfect for the job he had in mind - representing AlberCo at Lake Tramonto.

In Fear, Mohamed has become a non-voting member of the Lake Council (consisting of Sam, Dekka, Edilio and Mohamed). He still has no friends and is strongly disliked by most people at the lake, but helps keep the peace between the lake and Perdido Beach. He shares a room with Dekka.

Mohamed claims to not know about the missiles because Albert hasn't spoken with him about them, but supports Sam's decision to retrieve them, but is not told of the outcome. Mohamed leaves to take letters to Caine and Albert explaining the stain of the FAYZ Barrier, but stumbles across Drake, and the coyotes eating someone he doesn't recognise. He runs back to the lake to warn Sam, feeling guilty for not being able to save the victim, and is sent to another boat. He is not mentioned again.

In Monster, Dekka notes a Muslim cross in the graveyard. As Mohamed believes himself to be the only Muslim in the FAYZ, he is presumably dead.