The mine shaft is an important area located inside the FAYZ. For almost all of the books, it was the home of the Gaiaphage, as well as the location of the battle of the mineshaft.

Before the FAYZEdit

Before the coming of the FAYZ, the mine shaft was used by Hermit Jim to mine gold. It is believed that when a meteor struck the Power Plant the Gaiaphage came to the earth, feeding on the uranium from the plant. It is unknown how or why the Gaiaphage later entered the mine shaft.

During the FAYZEdit

In Gone, Lana travels here during Gone, where she encounters the Gaiaphage and the coyotes.

In Hunger, Lana travels to the mine shaft in an attempt to destroy the Gaiaphage, but she fails to do so. Later in the book, at the end of the mine shaft battle, Sam, Caine and Duck travel down into the mine shaft, and Duck uses his powers to send it down to the bottom of the FAYZ, killing himself in the process. Dekka also uses her powers to destroy the entrance to the mine shaft.

In Fear, the Gaiaphage finally leaves the mine shaft.

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