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Michael Grant wrote the book series Gone, and the order is Gone, Hunger, Lies, Plague, and Fear. He has said that he will write the final book, Light, in late 2013 after he has finished BZRK 2. He announced early 2013 that the UK release date is March 28th, and 2nd April for the USA and Australia.

Michael Grant says he wrote the Gone series to "freak you out." He also states, on his site, that he wrote them because "In my head I imagine this reader. Sometimes it's a girl, sometimes it's a boy. It changes. But in any case there's this reader. And I want that reader to pick up Gone, and to be unable to put it down until they have read every word. I want that reader to forget everything else going on around them and become completely engrossed. When they're done with the first book, I want them to need that next book desperately. I want to surprise that reader and scare that reader and make and make that reader fall in love. In the end I want the reader to put down the book and think, 'Man, that was fun.' "

Michael Grant was raised in a military family.[1] He attended ten schools in five different states, as well as three schools in France.[1] Grant lives in Southern California with his wife Katherine, and his two children. He has written over 150 books.[1]

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