Quinn's fishing team, also known as the fishermen, are the kids in the FAYZ who provide fish. They provide 80% of the protein in everyone's diet, and because they also fish up blue bats, they are responsible for the work of the pickers. They are led by Quinn Gaither and are a part of AlberCo.

The fishermen are a self-contained group that mostly hang out with each other. They all hate the fishing nets and enjoy their job. Quinn mentions in Lies that they get paid ten 'Bertos a week, with the exception of Quinn himself, who gets paid more.


In Hunger, Lana mentions fishhooks, which gives Quinn the idea to fish for food using a book and a motorboat. Having no one else to go to, he gives the fish to Albert, who offers him a business deal - Quinn getting 30% of the profits and Albert getting 70%, although Albert was also paying the six kids he gave to Quinn to train. They give the original fish to the prees. Quinn initially didn't want anyone fishing with him, but he grew to enjoy the company.

By Lies, there are twenty-four fishermen and six rowing boats, due to gas being reserved for the water trips. In Plague, they are forced to camp out on the beach to avoid catching the SDC. In Fear, they go on strike until Penny is exiled for what she did to Cigar, and Albert realizes that neither Caine nor Quinn and his fishing team will give in. The strike is called off when the stain on the FAYZ barrier spreads, and the fishing team are put in charge by Lana. In Light, the fisherman still fished, despite the pickers having stopped work. They were disbanded when the FAYZ barrier came down.

Known fishermen Edit

Character First appearance Basic info
Amber Light Amber was a friend of Cathy. She was good with nets but bad at rowing.
Annie Fear She is seen at the docks with Elise, due to her being a part of Quinn's fishing team.
Ben Lies He is on a fishing trip with Quinn and Elise, due to him being part of Quinn's fishing team.
Big Goof Lies He is seen on a fishing trip with Quinn and a girl named Katrina. He is a part of Quinn's fishing team.
Cathy Light Cathy is a moof that can manipulate water.
Cigar Lies Cigar is a fisherman appearing in Lies and Plague as a minor character. He has a larger role in Fear.
Elise Lies Elise appears in Lies, Plague and Fear as part of the fishing team. She has good eyesight and constantly teases whoever is rowing.
Jonas Lies Jonas is a former member of Edilio's army. He chickened out and joined the fishing team, reappearing in Fear.
Katrina Lies Katrina is a girl that goes on a fishing trip with Big Goof and Quinn.
Lucas Fear Lucus, along with Paul, helps get the concrete off of Caine's hands.
Paul Fear Paul, along with Lucus, helps get the concrete off of Caine's hands.
Phil Fear Phil is a pessimistic fisherman who often question's Quinn's judgement.
Quinn Gaither Gone Quinn is the leader and founder of the fisherman and has a major role in the series.
Turbo Fear Turbo is a picker, but he covered for one of the fishermen briefly when they caught the flu.