The Littles and Prees are the small children of the FAYZ. They are the ones too young to care for themselves. Under fives lived in the daycare with Mary Terrafino before she poofed. Her brother, John Terrafino, then took over. When a child became older than 5, they went off to live with an older kid- a sibling or a friend.

When the FAYZ first occurred in Gone, there were numerous baby and small toddlers left alone. Unfortunately, no one realized this until it was too late and lots of tiny children died. Sam and Quinn did find one baby in a house but it was long dead. They found it because of the bad smell.

In the daycare, the Terrafinos find it hard because no-one wants to help and look after the Littles. They begin running out of baby food, kids medicines and nappies.

Known named preesEdit

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