Lisa is a character appearing in the Gone series as a secondary character.


Lisa is Zil's "girlfriend", even though he does not really like her. Zil describes her as not pretty but not ugly. She is one of the only girls that have "kept their sense of style" in the FAYZ. Zil only keeps her around to look cool, but in Lies she comes up with a 'plan' to just tell everyone the truth about what they've done. However, Turk modifies the plan and they tell everyone that Caine made the fire and that the poor, innocent Human Crew tried to stop him. She also created the stylized Human Crew Logo.

She is introduced in Hunger and she takes a liking to Zil. She is one of the only girls in the Human Crew. She also appears to be the least violent member of the crew. In the beginning of Plague, she is seen gathering food for Turk, Lance, and herself. Her fate is unknown as she did not appear in Fear or Light.

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