John Terrafino is Mary's younger brother. He has been helping Mary out in the daycare since the beginning of the series.


John has curly red hair and he is very loyal to his sister. John is the youngest member of the Town Council, representing the daycare because Mary was too busy to take part in the council. John is now assumed to be the full-time care taker of the youngest children, because his sister Mary chose the "poof" over living in the FAYZ. Despite this position, he was hardly present in Plague, and not at all in Fear, even though he was one of the people to go to Lake Tramonto in the end of Plague.


He is called "Brother John" by the "prees", to go with his sister's nickname of "Mother Mary."


Michael Grant has said that John is working at a surfer shop in Santa Barbara after the events of Light in a Tweet to a fan of the series.

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