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Description and PersonalityEdit

No mention is made of Jasmine's personality or physical description in the series.



Nothing is known about Jasmine's life before the arrival of the FAYZ. She was a student of Coates Academy for unknown reasons.


Jasmine made no appearence in Gone.

Jasmine made no appearence in Hunger.

Jasmine's first appearence in the story is in Lies. She is one of the few remaining people at Coates Academy. Jasmine presumably takes part in eating Panda after he crashes the car. She is in the dining hall and witnesses Caine's speech about an island paradise. Jasmine is one of the sixteen people to flee the school toward the burning town.

Jasmine made her way across Perdido Beach with the others in Caine's posse. She had the luck to get into the speedboat as opposed to the Zodiac raft, the latter being sunk by Hank. Despite finally escaping with the possibilty of salvation in the near future; Jasmine gives up on life. She stands and tumbles out of the boat and sinks beneath the water. She does not resurface.

Diana Ladris later wonders if she will see Jasmine's body beneath the water when she plunges her face into the cool depths.

"And then there were six"

-Caine Soren on Jasmine's death.

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