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Because of Sam Temple's absence, Howard took advantage of the confusion helped Orc come to power as appointed Captain, in charge of "stopping everybody running crazy" and "busting everything up, taking anything they wanted." Howard made sure that someone helped Mary get the necessary materials to take care of the Littles as long as she knew that it was Orc's Crew that helped her . 

Caine Soren arrives and takes control. He then takes an important position under Caine's leadership until Sam returns. At that point he tries to join Sam's side .


Howard is seen acting as Orc's manager. He decides when Orc should work, and how much he gets paid, usually in the form of alcohol. He also spots Drake with a gun in the hole created by Sam at the power plant. This ultimately saves Dekka's life and probably many others.


By 'Lies' Howard has managed to weasel his way onto the town council, being Orc's representative due to Orc's cement body making him ideal for doing the more dangerous jobs. He also aids Edilio, Dekka, Computer Jack, Ellen and others in preventing the fire created by Zil and the 'Human Crew' from spreading across parts of Perdido Beach. After the fire has stoped he has a breakdown, crying in front of Astrid, Albert and Edilio, because he is so sad of everything that has happend. Through the book he starts standing up against Astrid, because he thinks she is a bad leader.


Howard is tasked with guarding Drake/Brittney with Orc. He later saves Albert's life and conceals a boy's corpse which Orc was responsible for killing.


Howard leaves the lake to check on his alcohol at Coates Academy . He encounters Drake and his coyotes. Although the coyotes are starving, they are forbidden by the Gaiaphage to kill anyone (they could not discern who was "important" to the Gaiaphage's plans, like Lana, Nemesis). Howard is strangled by Drake in order to feed the coyotes.



He and Mallet were in Orc's crew and were friends.


Howard and Chaz worked together and were both friends.


Cookie liked Howard; they were friends.


Panda and Howard knew each other quite well and were friends.


Sam disliked Howard in Gone, but liked him from Hunger to Plague. Then he disliked him for finding out about Howard's black market.

Orc Edit

Howard works for Orc. They are both bullies although Orc is the head. Orc and Howard are best friends, even though they both keep using each other throughout the books, especially because Howard stayed with Orc when no one else did and he saw the human part of Orc, unlike many others. After Howard was killed, Orc was the only one who was affected by his death.


  • It is also suggested that Howard is a drug dealer in an attempt to get by, although this is never confirmed.
  • He came up with the names for the Zekes, the FAYZ and 'Bertos.

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