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Known Alliances:

Human Crew (Hunger to Lies)



Hank is Zil's left hand man and a prime part of the Human Crew



Hank makes his first appearance in Hunger. He is one of Zil's biggest supporters in starting a hate group against the Freaks of the FAYZ. He, along with the rest of the Human Crew, capture Hunter and almost kill him in a public execution. Their plan fails and Hunter is saved, but Hunter suffers from permanent brain damage in the later novels.


Hank appears once again as part of Zil's "inner circle." He, along with Antoine, Turk, Lance, and Zil plot an attack to strike fear in the citizens of Perdido Beach and prove that the Human Crew is a dominant force. They form a temporary partnership with Caine, who supplies them with guns and materials to make bombs. Hank is part of the attack on Perdido Beach in which the Human Crew starts a fire that kills many kids and destroys several houses. He and Antoine encounter Sam, who uses his power to burn a hole through Antoine's stomach. After the battle, Hank persuades Antoine to come with him, telling him that he will take him to Lana the Healer. Hank later reveals that he left Antoine on the beach to die. After the fire, Zil and the surviving members of the Human Crew attempt to betray Caine at the Marina. They arrive to see Caine and the rest of the Coates Academy survivors boarding boats. Hank shoots the engine of the Caine's boat, sinking it. The attack does little to stop Caine, however, as he uses his powers to easily lift himself to the other boat. He then lifts Hank high into the air, and then throws him down into the water. Hank is killed on impact with the water. 


Hank is killed by Caine Soren, when the Human Crew attempts to attack Caine at the Marina, Caine lifts Hank high into the air and then throws him down into the sea. Quinn, who witnessed the attack, stated that the ocean was only 8 feet deep where Hank fell, and that Hank could not have possibly survived the fall.

Killed VictimsEdit

The following is a list of people Hank has killed:

  • Possibly a numerous count of Perdido Beach kids in the fire.

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