Welcome to the Gone wiki, the official wiki of the Gone series! Here is a list of tips and suggestions for you that have never edited before. As you edit, take a second to read through these rules, tips and guidelines to help you as you make your first edits on the wiki.

  • Make yourself an account and a user page.This helps other users to identify who you are and to avoid confusion with other users.
  • Read through a few pages. Get a feel for the style of writing on the wiki.
  • Make a few edits. If the edits are good ones, expect a warm welcome from the site administrators and other users. If you think something's wrong, or there isn't enough information, go ahead and make the edit.
  • Write a blog post. Go to your user page, click on 'blog' and write about any of your ideas or thoughts on the series. These are important in warming new users into the community.
  • Make sure your edits are good ones. Try to make sure all of the information you're putting in is accurate and all spelt correctly, otherwise someone else will have to clear it up.
  • Finally, if in doubt, GO FOR IT! The most important part of being a wikia member is adding your knowledge and ideas to the wiki. Any positive contribution is better than no contribution at all.

If you have any questions, queries or ideas, you can post a message on my talk page. I will do my best to answer as soon as I can.

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