This is a list of policies for the Gone wiki.


  1. Outside of the "Behind the scenes" sections, references to the real world should not be made. For example, do not write the following: "Sam Temple is the main protagonist in the Gone series by Michael Grant. In Lies, he becomes part of the town council." Instead, write something like this: "Sam Temple is a teenager currently living in the FAYZ. He became part of the town council shortly after the events of the famine."
  2. Keep a neutral point of view. For example, do not write the following: "Zil Sperry was a mean and killing teenager who lived in the FAYZ." Instead, write the following: "Zil Sperry was a teenager who lived in the FAYZ. He is notable for the creation of the Human Crew, an organization dedicated to ridding the FAYZ of all people who had the Power."
  3. The first time the subject of an article is mentioned should be in bold. Any aliases (outside of infoboxes) should also be in bold. For example, in the beginning of the Orc article, there should be something like: "Orc, born Charles Merriman, is a moof boy who lives in Perdido Beach. Before the arrival of Caine Soren shortly after the beginning of the FAYZ, Orc once had his own crew that lived in a place known as 'Bully Row'."
  4. Use infoboxes, especially for character articles. See Template:Infobox character for more information.