In November 2011, Michael Grant posted on his official Twitter page that he was in talks for a GONE TV series deal, but he has said that nothing has been confirmed so far.[1]

Later on, in December 2011 Michael Grant posted on Facebook saying,"I got a movie deal for BZRK which is good, and failed to get one for GONE which is bad."[2]

On April 2012, Harperteen posted a video of Michael Grant asking him about a possible Gone movie. Michael Grant said,"Gone and BZRK have potential movie deals" confirming there is going to be a possible Gone movie. Michael Grant also described that currently (on April 2012) they are trying to get professional screenwriters involved. He has also said that one of the producers involved in The Hunger Games are also going to be involved in the Gone movie. Yet, to quote Michael Grant,"Just because we are making some progress does not mean it's necessarily getting done".[3]

Twitter statusesEdit

ALERT to all GONE fans: In an hour I will have an announcement I think you'll like.[4]

(1 of 4) To all GONE fans: Sony Pictures TV @SPTV has agreed to acquire TV rights to GONE. Does not yet mean we have a TV series. But...[5]

(2 of 4) ... It means we have one hell of a good shot at a series. @SPTV is responsible for the great BREAKING BAD. Also involved w/ LOST.[6]

(3 of 4) We have all wanted this. I promise you I'll stay involved and if we get a series it will be something you're proud of.[7]

(4 of 4) I hope you'll show your appreciation by following @SPTV. Let them know you're out there. Fingers crossed people. Michael Grant.[8]

Unfortunately in 2016 when Joe Barton proposed the movie idea to Hollywood it was rejected. [9]


In August 2013, Michael Grant joined UserBasedCasting, a site where fans vote every month on actors and actresses for characters in YA novels for unofficial casting. They currently have Sam, Astrid, Diana, Caine, Lana, Taylor, Dekka, Brianna, and Orc casted on the site. Michael Grant has shown support for them but claims no influence over the casting director's choices. He has also acknowledged the IfList for the series, where many of the actors from UserBasedCasting have been nominated. Since he has mentioned the director is British, the actors from GoneUK would also be a possibility.

Confirmation 2015Edit

In June 2015, Michael Grant responded to a tweet asking about the TV series, and it was confirmed Joe Barton will be writing the script.[10]