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Gone is the first book in the Gone series.

Back of the book excerptEdit

THE BLAST NARROWLY MISSED SAM. It passed his head with a whoosh and hit the wall behind him. It was napalm, jellied gasoline, liquid fire that stuck to the wall where it hit and burned with mad intensity.
For a second he could only stare, frozen in amazement.
The little girl cried out in terror and raised her hands again. This time she wouldn't miss.
This time she would kill him.


In the seaside town Perdido Beach, everyone over the age of 15 suddenly vanishes. The confused children (including the surfer Sam Temple, his friend Quinn Gaither, and his crush Astrid Ellison) head towards the plaza, where they discover there is a fire in one of the houses. Sam manages to get the little girl out of there, but he discovered that she had the power to start fires. The girl dies soon afterwards as Orc and his gang of bullies (including Howard, Cookie and Panda) take charge of Perdido Beach.

Sam, Astrid and Quinn start looking for Astrid's severely autistic brother, Little Pete. They find a translucent barrier by the Clifftop Hotel that they can't get through. They find Edilio Escobar trying to dig under it, but they discover that they're trapped in a dome. Meanwhile, kids at Perdido Beach are beginning to organise themselves - Mary Terrafino is running the day care to keep young kids safe, with her brother John, twins Emma and Anna, and a reluctant Panda helping. Albert Hillsborough is running the McDonalds to feed the kids.

On the way to the nuclear power plant, Quinn tells Edilio the story of a meteor hitting the plant and killing a man. Orc's gang ambush them and declare that they control Perdido Beach. Eventually they find Little Pete, who wakes up screaming in the night to telekinetically choke Sam. Edilio confronts Sam, who admits to having the ability to shoot burning light from his hands. Astrid confesses that Little Pete also has powers - but far greater than Sam's.

When they return to Perdido Beach, the Coates kids arrive. Caine Soren and his lackeys (including the silvertongued Diana Ladris, the sadistic Drake Merwin and the techmaster Computer Jack) organise a meeting in the church. They assign Sam, Quinn and Edilio the job of fireman and Orc the job of deputy sheriff. Orc realises that the Coates kids want to take over, but while Panda gives in, Orc, Howard and Cookie attack Caine. Caine uses his telekinesis to badly injure Cookie. Dahra Baidoo offers to start a hospital, with Cookie as the first patient.

Orc accidentally causes bleeding in the brain of a girl named Bette after she uses her power, and the truth about powers is out. Edilio and Quinn are disliking each other more and more, so Sam takes Bette to Dahra where she dies. Sam starts a relationship with Astrid, but is betrayed by Quinn who tells Caine that Sam is a "mutant". After Emma and Anna poof, Diana figures out that Caine and Sam are fraternal twins, and Caine nearly kills Sam but Little Pete teleports them away.

Soon, Albert is attacked by a teleporting cat. It misjudges and solidifies in a book. Computer Jack is confronted by Diana, who has the power to read the power levels of mutants. She tells him that she knows he has a power. Jack, terrified of what will happen if she tells Caine (his hands will get cemented as hands are the source of powers) admits to having super strength, and promises to do whatever Diana says - but not before she reveals that Sam and Caine are the only four-bars. They go to Coates and film the poof of Andrew, who turns fifteen. Jack works out that he was tempted, and if you refuse you won't poof.

Drake chases down Sam and Quinn (who helped Sam escape after feeling guilty about betraying his friend). Sam, Quinn, Edilio, Astrid and Pete manage to escape and meet Lana, a girl with the power to heal. Lana has been living with coyotes but has seen a creature known as the Darkness. They free the Coates cemented mutants (including Brianna, Taylor and Dekka) and Sam burns off Drake's right arm with his light beams. Lana heals Cookie, but is kidnapped by Drake - who wants his arm back. Howard and Orc meet them, and Orc is gored by the talking coyotes. The Darkness gives Drake a tentacle as a replacement for his missing arm. Diana sends Jack to Perdido Beach to tell Sam the truth about the poof, but he is delayed by Emily and Brother who want him to repair their Wii.

Caine decides to take over Perdido Beach once and for all. Taylor warns Sam, who sends Quinn and Brianna to the daycare, where the coyotes are have killed Tanner. Dekka and Sam are delayed by Panda and Frederico. Caine uses a mutant with the power of camouflage, Bug, to keep him updated while he confronts Diana about his love for her. She calls the coyotes off, and Drake sees Howard run off to find Orc - who is now a hulking stone/gravel monster. Drake fights Orc as Jack and Diana are both stopped from telling Sam how to beat the poof by Caine - it's their birthday. Sam and Caine fight and are tempted by their mother, Connie Temple. They choose to stay in the FAYZ. Sam spares Caine, who returns to Coates with Bug, Diana, Drake and Panda. Cookie is grateful to Lana and stays in Perdido Beach with her, Sam, Astrid, Quinn, Edilio, Pete, Albert, Orc, Howard, Dahra, John, Brianna, Jack, Dekka, Taylor, Mary and dozens of other kids. Albert arranges a thanksgiving meal for everyone in Perdido Beach to celebrate the removal of Caine's Group.


Sam Temple

Sam has the power to shoot deadly greenish white light beams from his hands, and create balls of light. Sam is Astrid's main love interest. He is the son of Connie Temple and biological fraternal twin of Caine. He does not like considering himself as a hero.

Caine Soren

Caine attended Coates Academy, and was the one who took control of Perdido Beach. He has telekinesis; the power to move things with his mind, and the only 4-bar besides Sam. He is the main love interest of Diana. Although she only believes he is capable of puppy love.


The Gaiaphage is a sentient alien virus who gave everyone their powers and caused the mutations. It appears as a green, glowing slime with the capability to touch people's minds. It lived in the mineshaft. In Gone it is only a mysterious power that can read people's minds. It gave Drake his whip hand

Little Pete

The four-year-old brother of Astrid Ellison who is diagnosed with autism. He is discovered to have powers like telekinesis and teleportation to his spot by the window in Astrid's room. Later, it is discovered that he had caused everyone over 15 to disappear after he stops a core meltdown at his fathers power plant. "SPOILER" His body is killed in Plague and his spirit enters Caine Soren to fight Gaia in the end of Light, resulting in both the Gaiaphage and its "Nemesis" dying, and the FAYZ cracking open.

Drake Merwin

Drake, also known as Whip Hand; was originally attending Coates Academy. He got his nickname from his unnaturally long, tentacle-like arm, which he generally uses as a whip, given to him by the Gaiaphage after Sam Temple burned it off. His dad was the sheriff in Perdido Beach. He was sent to Coates Academy because he shot a neighborhood boy with his dad's gun, and is revealed to be a sadistic psychopath. 


Diana was a student at Coates Academy . She was the main interest of Caine Soren, and she often repeats that she's evil throughout the series.She was sent to Coates Academy when her mother tripped and fell down the stairs and she blamed her father for it. She has the power to read how powerful people's powers are and Caine uses her for it while she uses him as a shield knowing he would do anything for her because he is begging to fall in love with her.


Lana was known for her extremely useful power of healing. She had the capability of healing any living creature, and was respected by everyone. Her pet dog, Patrick, was loyal to her. She is nicknamed "The Healer."


Astrid Ellison is 14 to 15 years old. She is Sam Temple's  girlfriend through most of the books. She is beautiful and smart. She has blonde hair and bright blue eyes. She was the one who pushed Sam into leading, and in the end they live together.


Howard was one of the ones who initially took advantage of the confusion. He helped Orc come to be appointed Captain. Howard was the one who first coined the term FAYZ, as well as the term 'Bertos for the currency used.


Edilio moved to Perdido Beach as an illegal immigrant. Sam mentioned in the beginning of the book that Edilio was "potentially interesting." Edilio and Sam became close friends and allies during the FAYZ, and Edilio becomes very important and powerful- he mayors Perdido Beach for a while.


Orc is portrayed as a bully, and through Howard's help, gets appointed to Captain by Caine. Orc was considered responsible for the first murder of the FAYZ. Orc undergoes one of the most grotesque mutations in the FAYZ after being chewed apart by coyotes. His body forms into rock, giving him the appearance of a rock monster, apart from a small part on his face.


Before the FAYZ, Quinn was Sam's surfing buddy, though when he finds out Sam can shoot lasers out of his hands, he calls him a freak. Quinn betrays his friends toward the end of the book, but later teams up with them again. Quinn later becomes a fisherman.

Computer Jack

Jack is the computer expert from Coates Academy and developes the power of super strength, even though he doesn't want it. He is originally with Caine, but switches sides many times, in the end being with Sam after much controversy. He ends up a Coates Academy after hacking into police computers to erase someone's parent's speeding ticket, and is caught.

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